Tech Talk - The Artful Science of Metrics: Measurements That Work

Thu, 10 May 2018 18:30 - 22:00 JST

Indeed Meguro

Oak Meguro,10F


Hey guys,
we have the chance to have in Tokyo Ketan Gangatirkar (, VP in Software Engineering at

This is a fantastic opportunity to learn from an experienced leader like Ketan what quantitative measurement is and why it essential to scaling businesses, processes, and products and making them better.

The meetup will take place at the Indeed Tech office in Meguro, 10th floor of the Oak Meguro.

You can expect our usual welcoming atmosphere.


18h30 --- Doors opening
18h30 ~ 19h15 --- Networking
19h15 ~ 19h45 --- Lightning Talks
19h45 ~ 20h45 --- Ketan's presentation + Q&A
20h45 ~ 21h30 --- Networking

Quantitative measurement is essential to scaling businesses, processes, and products and making them better. It sounds easy: just pick a number, like clicks or conversions, and improve it. It's easy to do, but it's not so easy to get it right.

When it goes wrong, the problem is often misdiagnosed as using metrics at all rather than which metrics were used. Every story of metrics gone wrong is really a story of badly chosen metrics. Choosing a metric has been an unsolvable mystery so enigmatic most people don't even know they're trapped inside. These choices are a haphazard result of folklore, recipes, and blind guessing, a.k.a. "intuition," rather than a rigorous, scientific set of reusable principles. Until now.

Join Ketan Gangatirkar, VP of Engineering for Indeed's Job Seeker products, for an exploration of the artful science of choosing metrics. You'll walk away with deep understanding of principles and concepts that determine which metrics are useful for your product and which ones are a waste of time. You'll gain practical knowledge you can apply to your product to make it even more awesome.

Speaker Bio
Ketan is the VP of Engineering at Indeed for Job Seeker products. For the last 9 years, he's been helping millions of people get jobs. Along the way, he's made some good product decisions and some​ terrible ones. He used to think he had great ideas, but being wrong all the time cured him of that. Now all he wants is ​scientific ​evidence. He was analytical before it was cool. It's not cool, and it has never been, but he's still hoping. Someday. Someday…

Come at 18:30 to grab the best seats!

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